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SecuritySpace Security Seal

SAMPLE: SecuritySpace Geprüfte Webseite SecuritySpace introduces the SecuritySpace Security Seal, a program that affirms an organization's proactive stance towards network security. The seal is awarded to organizations that undergo a detailed SecuritySpace assessment using our Standard and Advanced Security audit services that currently consist of 76702 vulnerability tests.

By participating in our Security Seal program, your organization can benefit from:

  • Increasing consumer confidence in conducting business with you,
  • Reassuring clients that your organization is proactive about security,
  • Allowing partners to focus on business issues rather than the other organization's security posture,
  • Potentially reducing business interruption insurance premiums,
  • Providing a level of comfort to potential investors.
Why SecuritySpace?
  • SecuritySpace's audit services was ranked 1st amongst 11 vendors reviewed by PC Professionell, in May, 2003,
  • We use the best vulnerability scanner to examine your internet presence, with currently 76702 vulnerability tests, and with new tests added on regular basis, providing a independent view of your organization's real and live security posture,
  • Our worldwide customer base includes government agencies, banks, ISPs, insurance firms, with some high profile and well known organizations among them,
  • We see your network the way a "hacker" on the internet sees it, allowing you to identify and mitigate risks before they result in breaches.
  • Our security reports provide integrated references to articles and discussions on vulnerabilities, providing you with quick access to information.
How Does It Work?
  • When a Standard, or Advanced audit is run, a security seal will be available for that IP address, indicating the date when the audit is run,
  • Under "Manage Seals", you add the hostname (or IP address) of the site on which you wish to install the seal, and it will provide you with the HTML code to use.
  • The security seal will (i.e. must) be loaded from our servers. If you re-run an audit against the IP address in question, the date on the seal is automatically updated within the hour.

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