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CVE Kennung:CVE-2010-3613
Beschreibung:named in ISC BIND 9.6.2 before 9.6.2-P3, 9.6-ESV before 9.6-ESV-R3, and 9.7.x before 9.7.2-P3 does not properly handle the combination of signed negative responses and corresponding RRSIG records in the cache, which allows remote attackers to cause a denial of service (daemon crash) via a query for cached data.
Test Kennungen:  
Querverweise: Common Vulnerability Exposure (CVE) ID: CVE-2010-3613
BugTraq ID: 45133
Bugtraq: 20110308 VMSA-2011-0004 VMware ESX/ESXi SLPD denial of service vulnerability and ESX third party updates for Service Console packages bind, pam, and rpm. (Google Search)
CERT/CC vulnerability note: VU#706148
Debian Security Information: DSA-2130 (Google Search)
HPdes Security Advisory: HPSBUX02655
HPdes Security Advisory: SSRT100353
NETBSD Security Advisory: NetBSD-SA2011-001
RedHat Security Advisories: RHSA-2010:0975
RedHat Security Advisories: RHSA-2010:0976
RedHat Security Advisories: RHSA-2010:1000

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