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Kategorie:SuSE Local Security Checks
Titel:openSUSE: Security Advisory for python-azure-agent (openSUSE-SU-2020:0261-1)
Zusammenfassung:The remote host is missing an update for the 'python-azure-agent'; package(s) announced via the openSUSE-SU-2020:0261-1 advisory.
The remote host is missing an update for the 'python-azure-agent'
package(s) announced via the openSUSE-SU-2020:0261-1 advisory.

Vulnerability Insight:
This update for python-azure-agent fixes the following issues:

python-azure-agent was updated to version 2.2.45 (jsc#ECO-80)

+ Add support for Gen2 VM resource disks
+ Use alternate systemd detection
+ Fix /proc/net/route requirement that causes errors on FreeBSD
+ Add cloud-init auto-detect to prevent multiple provisioning mechanisms
from relying on configuration for coordination
+ Disable cgroups when daemon is setup incorrectly
+ Remove upgrade extension loop for the same goal state
+ Add container id for extension telemetry events
+ Be more exact when detecting IMDS service health
+ Changing add_event to start sending missing fields

From 2.2.44 update:

+ Remove outdated extension ZIP packages
+ Improved error handling when starting extensions using systemd
+ Reduce provisioning time of some custom images
+ Improve the handling of extension download errors
+ New API for extension authors to handle errors during extension update
+ Fix handling of errors in calls to openssl
+ Improve logic to determine current distro
+ Reduce verbosity of several logging statements

From 2.2.42 update:

+ Poll for artifact blob, addresses goal state processing issue

From 2.2.41 update:

+ Rewriting the mechanism to start the extension using systemd-run for
systems using systemd for managing
+ Refactoring of resource monitoring framework using cgroup for both
systemd and non-systemd approaches [#1530, #1534]
+ Telemetry pipeline for resource monitoring data

From 2.2.40 update:

+ Fixed tracking of memory/cpu usage
+ Do not prevent extensions from running if setting up cgroups fails
+ Enable systemd-aware deprovisioning on all versions >= 18.04
+ Add systemd support for Debian Jessie, Stretch, and Buster
+ Support for Linux Openwrt

From 2.2.38 update:

Security issue fixed:
+ CVE-2019-0804: An issue with swapfile handling in the agent creates a
data leak situation that exposes system memory data. (bsc#1127838)
+ Add fixes for handling swap file and other nit fixes

From 2.2.37 update:
+ Improves re-try logic to handle errors while downloading extensions

This update was imported from the SUSE:SLE-15-SP1:Update update project.

Patch Instructions:

To install this openSUSE Security Update use the SUSE recommended
installation methods
like YaST online_update or 'zypper patch'.

Alternatively you can run the command listed for your product:

- openSUSE Leap 15.1:

zypper in -t patch openSUSE-2020-261=1

Affected Software/OS:
'python-azure-agent' package(s) on openSUSE Leap 15.1.

Please install the updated package(s).

CVSS Score:

CVSS Vector:

Querverweis: Common Vulnerability Exposure (CVE) ID: CVE-2019-0804
RedHat Security Advisories: RHSA-2019:1527
SuSE Security Announcement: openSUSE-SU-2020:0261 (Google Search)
CopyrightCopyright (C) 2020 Greenbone Networks GmbH

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