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FreeBSD Security Advisories
 2012-11-22 FreeBSD-SA-12:06.bind.asc
Multiple Denial of Service vulnerabilities with named(8)
 2012-11-22 FreeBSD-SA-12:08.linux.asc
Linux compatibility layer input validation error
 2012-11-22 FreeBSD-SA-12:07.hostapd.asc
Insufficient message length validation for EAP-TLS messages
 2012-08-06 FreeBSD-SA-12:05.bind.asc
named(8) DNSSEC validation Denial of Service
 2012-06-12 FreeBSD-SA-12:03.bind.asc
Incorrect handling of zero-length RDATA fields in named(8)
 2012-06-12 FreeBSD-SA-12:04.sysret.asc
Privilege escalation when returning from kernel
 2012-05-03 FreeBSD-SA-12:01.openssl.asc
OpenSSL multiple vulnerabilities
 2012-05-30 FreeBSD-SA-12:02.crypt.asc
Incorrect crypt() hashing
 2011-12-23 FreeBSD-SA-11:09.pam_ssh.asc
pam_ssh improperly grants access when user account has
 2011-12-23 FreeBSD-SA-11:06.bind.asc
Remote packet Denial of Service against named(8) servers
 2011-12-23 FreeBSD-SA-11:08.telnetd.asc
telnetd code execution vulnerability
 2011-12-23 FreeBSD-SA-11:10.pam.asc
pam_start() does not validate service names
 2011-12-23 FreeBSD-SA-11:07.chroot.asc
Code execution via chrooted ftpd
 2011-09-28 FreeBSD-SA-11:03.bind.asc
Remote packet Denial of Service against named(8) servers
 2011-09-28 FreeBSD-SA-11:05.unix.asc
Buffer overflow in handling of UNIX socket addresses
 2011-09-28 FreeBSD-SA-11:04.compress.asc
Errors handling corrupt compress file in compress(1)
 2011-05-28 FreeBSD-SA-11:02.bind.asc
BIND remote DoS with large RRSIG RRsets and negative caching
 2011-04-20 FreeBSD-SA-11:01.mountd.asc
Network ACL mishandling in mountd(8)
 2010-11-29 FreeBSD-SA-10:10.openssl.asc
OpenSSL multiple vulnerabilities
 2010-11-10 FreeBSD-SA-10:09.pseudofs.asc
Spurious mutex unlock
 2010-09-20 FreeBSD-SA-10:08.bzip2.asc
Integer overflow in bzip2 decompression
 2010-07-13 FreeBSD-SA-10:07.mbuf.asc
Lost mbuf flag resulting in data corruption
 2010-05-27 FreeBSD-SA-10:05.opie.asc
OPIE off-by-one stack overflow
 2010-05-27 FreeBSD-SA-10:04.jail.asc
Insufficient environment sanitization in jail(8)
 2010-05-27 FreeBSD-SA-10:06.nfsclient.asc
Unvalidated input in nfsclient
 2010-01-06 FreeBSD-SA-10:02.ntpd.asc
ntpd mode 7 denial of service
 2010-01-06 FreeBSD-SA-10:01.bind.asc
BIND named(8) cache poisoning with DNSSEC validation
 2010-01-06 FreeBSD-SA-10:03.zfs.asc
ZFS ZIL playback with insecure permissions
 2009-12-03 FreeBSD-SA-09:16.rtld.asc
Improper environment sanitization in rtld(1)
 2009-12-03 FreeBSD-SA-09:17.freebsd.asc
Inappropriate directory permissions in freebsd-update(8)
 2009-12-03 FreeBSD-SA-09:15.ssl.asc
SSL protocol flaw
 2009-10-02 FreeBSD-SA-09:14.devfs.asc
Devfs / VFS NULL pointer race condition
 2009-10-02 FreeBSD-SA-09:13.pipe.asc
kqueue pipe race conditions
 2009-07-29 FreeBSD-SA-09:12.bind.asc
BIND named(8) dynamic update message remote DoS
 2009-06-10 FreeBSD-SA-09:09.pipe.asc
Local information disclosure via direct pipe writes
 2009-06-10 FreeBSD-SA-09:10.ipv6.asc
Missing permission check on SIOCSIFINFO_IN6 ioctl
 2009-06-10 FreeBSD-SA-09:11.ntpd.asc
ntpd stack-based buffer-overflow vulnerability
 2009-04-22 FreeBSD-SA-09:08.openssl.asc
Remotely exploitable crash in OpenSSL
 2009-04-22 FreeBSD-SA-09:07.libc.asc
Information leak in db(3)
 2009-03-23 FreeBSD-SA-09:06.ktimer.asc
Local privilege escalation
 2009-02-16 FreeBSD-SA-09:05.telnetd.asc
telnetd code execution vulnerability
 2009-01-13 FreeBSD-SA-09:04.bind.asc
BIND DNSSEC incorrect checks for malformed signatures
 2009-01-13 FreeBSD-SA-09:03.ntpd.asc
ntpd cryptographic signature bypass
 2009-01-07 FreeBSD-SA-09:01.lukemftpd.asc
Cross-site request forgery in lukemftpd(8)
 2009-01-07 FreeBSD-SA-09:02.openssl.asc
OpenSSL incorrectly checks for malformed signatures
 2008-12-23 FreeBSD-SA-08:13.protosw.asc
netgraph / bluetooth privilege escalation
 2008-12-23 FreeBSD-SA-08:12.ftpd.asc
Cross-site request forgery in ftpd(8)
 2008-11-24 FreeBSD-SA-08:11.arc4random.asc
arc4random(9) predictable sequence vulnerability
 2008-10-01 FreeBSD-SA-08:10.nd6.asc
IPv6 Neighbor Discovery Protocol routing vulnerability
 2008-09-03 FreeBSD-SA-08:07.amd64.asc
amd64 swapgs local privilege escalation
 2008-09-03 FreeBSD-SA-08:09.icmp6.asc
Remote kernel panics on IPv6 connections
 2008-09-03 FreeBSD-SA-08:08.nmount.asc
nmount(2) local arbitrary code execution
 2008-07-13 FreeBSD-SA-08:06.bind.asc
DNS cache poisoning
 2008-04-17 FreeBSD-SA-08:05.openssh.asc
OpenSSH X11-forwarding privilege escalation
 2008-02-14 FreeBSD-SA-08:03.sendfile.asc
sendfile(2) write-only file permission bypass
 2008-02-14 FreeBSD-SA-08:04.ipsec.asc
IPsec null pointer dereference panic
 2008-01-14 FreeBSD-SA-08:01.pty.asc
pty snooping
 2008-01-14 FreeBSD-SA-08:02.libc.asc
inet_network() buffer overflow
 2007-11-29 FreeBSD-SA-07:09.random.asc
Random value disclosure
 2007-11-29 FreeBSD-SA-07:10.gtar.asc
gtar directory traversal vulnerability
 2007-10-03 FreeBSD-SA-07:08.openssl.asc
Buffer overflow in OpenSSL SSL_get_shared_ciphers()
 2007-08-01 FreeBSD-SA-07:06.tcpdump.asc
Buffer overflow in tcpdump(1)
 2007-08-01 FreeBSD-SA-07:07.bind.asc
Predictable query ids in named(8)
 2007-07-12 FreeBSD-SA-07:05.libarchive.asc
Errors handling corrupt tar files in libarchive(3)
 2007-05-23 FreeBSD-SA-07:04.file.asc
Heap overflow in file(1)
 2007-04-26 FreeBSD-SA-07:03.ipv6.asc
IPv6 Routing Header 0 is dangerous
 2007-02-09 FreeBSD-SA-07:02.bind.asc
Multiple Denial of Service vulnerabilities in named(8)
 2007-01-11 FreeBSD-SA-07:01.jail.asc
Jail rc.d script privilege escalation
 2006-12-06 FreeBSD-SA-06:26.gtar.asc
gtar name mangling symlink vulnerability
 2006-12-06 FreeBSD-SA-06:25.kmem.asc
Kernel memory disclosure in firewire(4)
 2006-11-08 FreeBSD-SA-06:24.libarchive.asc
Infinite loop in corrupt archives handling in libarchive(3)
 2006-09-28 FreeBSD-SA-06:23.openssl.asc
Multiple problems in crypto(3)
 2006-09-30 FreeBSD-SA-06:22.openssh.asc
Multiple vulnerabilities in OpenSSH
 2006-09-19 FreeBSD-SA-06:21.gzip.asc
Multiple vulnerabilities in gzip
 2006-09-06 FreeBSD-SA-06:19.openssl.asc
Incorrect PKCS#1 v1.5 padding validation in crypto(3)
 2006-09-06 FreeBSD-SA-06:20.bind.asc
Denial of Service in named(8)
 2006-08-23 FreeBSD-SA-06:18.ppp.asc
Buffer overflow in ppp(4)
 2006-06-14 FreeBSD-SA-06:17.sendmail.asc
Incorrect multipart message handling in Sendmail
 2006-05-31 FreeBSD-SA-06:16.smbfs.asc
smbfs chroot escape
 2006-05-31 FreeBSD-SA-06:15.ypserv.asc
Inoperative access controls in ypserv(8)
 2006-04-19 FreeBSD-SA-06:14.fpu.asc
FPU information disclosure
 2006-03-22 FreeBSD-SA-06:12.opie.asc
OPIE arbitrary password change
 2006-03-22 FreeBSD-SA-06:13.sendmail.asc
Race condition in sendmail
 2006-03-22 FreeBSD-SA-06:11.ipsec.asc
IPsec replay attack vulnerability
 2006-03-01 FreeBSD-SA-06:10.nfs.asc
Remote denial of service in NFS server
 2006-03-01 FreeBSD-SA-06:09.openssh.asc
Remote denial of service in OpenSSH
 2006-02-01 FreeBSD-SA-06:08.sack.asc
Infinite loop in SACK handling
 2006-01-25 FreeBSD-SA-06:07.pf.asc
IP fragment handling panic in pf(4)
 2006-01-25 FreeBSD-SA-06:06.kmem.asc
Local kernel memory disclosure
 2006-01-18 FreeBSD-SA-06:05.80211.asc
IEEE 802.11 buffer overflow
 2006-01-11 FreeBSD-SA-06:02.ee.asc
ee temporary file privilege escalation
 2006-01-11 FreeBSD-SA-06:01.texindex.asc
Texindex temporary file privilege escalation
 2006-01-11 FreeBSD-SA-06:04.ipfw.asc
ipfw IP fragment denial of service
 2006-01-11 FreeBSD-SA-06:03.cpio.asc
Multiple vulnerabilities cpio
 2005-10-11 FreeBSD-SA-05:21.openssl.asc
Potential SSL 2.0 rollback
 2005-09-07 FreeBSD-SA-05:20.cvsbug.asc
Race condition in cvsbug
 2005-07-27 FreeBSD-SA-05:19.ipsec.asc
Incorrect key usage in AES-XCBC-MAC
 2005-07-27 FreeBSD-SA-05:18.zlib.asc
Buffer overflow in zlib
 2005-07-20 FreeBSD-SA-05:17.devfs.asc
devfs ruleset bypass
 2005-07-06 FreeBSD-SA-05:16.zlib.asc
Buffer overflow in zlib
 2005-06-09 FreeBSD-SA-05:12.bind.asc
BIND 9 DNSSEC remote denial of service vulnerability
 2005-06-29 FreeBSD-SA-05:14.bzip2.asc
bzip2 denial of service and permission race vulnerabilities
 2005-06-29 FreeBSD-SA-05:13.ipfw.asc
ipfw packet matching errors with address tables
 2005-06-29 FreeBSD-SA-05:15.tcp.asc
TCP connection stall denial of service
 2005-06-09 FreeBSD-SA-05:12.bind9.asc
BIND 9 DNSSEC remote denial of service vulnerability
 2005-06-09 FreeBSD-SA-05:11.gzip.asc
gzip directory traversal and permission race vulnerabilities
 2005-06-09 FreeBSD-SA-05:10.tcpdump.asc
Infinite loops in tcpdump protocol decoding
 2005-05-13 FreeBSD-SA-05:09.htt.asc
information disclosure when using HTT
 2005-05-06 FreeBSD-SA-05:08.kmem.asc
Local kernel memory disclosure
 2005-05-06 FreeBSD-SA-05:07.ldt.asc
Local kernel memory disclosure in i386_get_ldt
 2005-05-06 FreeBSD-SA-05:06.iir.asc
Incorrect permissions on /dev/iir
 1999-09-16 FreeBSD-SA-99:06.amd.asc
remote amd attack
 1999-09-15 FreeBSD-SA-99:05.fts.asc
fts library routine vulnerability
 1999-09-15 FreeBSD-SA-99:04.core.asc
Coredumps and symbolic links
 1999-09-05 FreeBSD-SA-99:03.ftpd.asc
Three ftp daemons in ports vulnerable to attack.
 1999-09-04 FreeBSD-SA-99:02.profil.asc
Profiling Across Exec Calls
 1999-09-04 FreeBSD-SA-99:01.chflags.asc
BSD File Flags and Programming Techniques
 1998-11-04 FreeBSD-SA-98:08.fragment.asc
IP fragmentation denial of service
 1998-10-13 FreeBSD-SA-98:07.rst.asc
TCP RST denial of sevice
 1998-06-10 FreeBSD-SA-98:06.icmp.asc
smurf attack
 1998-06-04 FreeBSD-SA-98:05.nfs.asc
system crash with NFS
 1998-06-02 FreeBSD-SA-98:04.mmap.asc
security compromise via mmap
 1998-05-14 FreeBSD-SA-98:03.ttcp.asc
Problems with TTCP
 1998-03-12 FreeBSD-SA-98:02.mmap.asc
security compromise via mmap
 1997-12-01 FreeBSD-SA-98:01.land.asc
LAND attack can cause harm to running FreeBSD systems
 1997-12-09 FreeBSD-SA-97:06.f00f.asc
Pentium processors have flaw allowing unpriviledged crashes
 1997-10-29 FreeBSD-SA-97:05.open.asc
security compromise via open()
 1997-08-19 FreeBSD-SA-97:04.procfs.asc
security compromise via procfs
 1997-04-07 FreeBSD-SA-97:03.sysinstall.asc
sysinstall bug
 1997-03-26 FreeBSD-SA-97:02.lpd.asc
Buffer overflow in lpd
 1997-02-05 FreeBSD-SA-97:01.setlocale.asc
setlocale() bug in all released versions of FreeBSD
 1997-01-18 FreeBSD-SA-96:21.talkd.asc
unauthorized access via buffer overrun in talkd
 1996-12-10 FreeBSD-SA-96:19.modstat.asc
Buffer overflow in modstat
 1996-11-25 FreeBSD-SA-96:18.lpr.asc
Buffer overflow in lpr (revised)
 1996-07-16 FreeBSD-SA-96:17.rzsz.asc
"Trojan Horse" vulnerability via rz program
 1996-07-12 FreeBSD-SA-96:16.rdist.asc
security vulnerability in rdist
 1996-07-04 FreeBSD-SA-96:15.ppp.asc
security compromise from ppp
 1996-06-24 FreeBSD-SA-96:14.ipfw.asc
Firewall filter leak with user level ipfw
 1996-06-05 FreeBSD-SA-96:13.comsat.asc
unauthorized mail reading via comsat
 1996-06-28 FreeBSD-SA-96:12.perl.asc
security compromise from perl (suidperl) utility
 1996-05-21 FreeBSD-SA-96:11.man.asc
security compromise from man page utility
 1996-05-17 FreeBSD-SA-96:10.mount_union.asc
system stability compromise via mount_union program
 1996-05-17 FreeBSD-SA-96:09.vfsload.asc
unauthorized access via mount_union / mount_msdos (vfsload)
 1996-04-21 FreeBSD-SA-96:08.syslog.asc
syslog vulnerability
 1996-04-22 FreeBSD-SA-96:02.apache.asc
apache httpd meta-character escaping
 1996-04-21 FreeBSD-SA-96:01.sliplogin.asc
sliplogin unauthorized access vulnerability
 2005-04-22 FreeBSD-SA-05:05.cvs.asc
Multiple vulnerabilities in CVS
 2005-04-15 FreeBSD-SA-05:04.ifconf.asc
Kernel memory disclosure in ifconf()
 2004-04-06 FreeBSD-SA-05:03.amd64.asc
unprivileged hardware access on amd64
 2005-04-04 FreeBSD-SA-05:02.sendfile.asc
sendfile kernel memory disclosure
 2005-03-28 FreeBSD-SA-05:01.telnet.asc
telnet client buffer overflows
 2004-12-01 FreeBSD-SA-04:17.procfs.asc
Kernel memory disclosure in procfs and linprocfs
 2004-11-18 FreeBSD-SA-04:16.fetch.asc
Overflow error in fetch
 2004-10-04 FreeBSD-SA-04:15.syscons.asc
Boundary checking errors in syscons
 2004-09-19 FreeBSD-SA-04:14.cvs.asc
 2004-06-30 FreeBSD-SA-04:13.linux.asc
Linux binary compatibility mode input validation error
 2004-06-07 FreeBSD-SA-04:12.jailroute.asc
Jailed processes can manipulate host routing tables
 2004-05-26 FreeBSD-SA-04:11.msync.asc
buffer cache invalidation implementation issues
 2004-05-19 FreeBSD-SA-04:10.cvs.asc
CVS pserver protocol parser errors
 2004-05-05 FreeBSD-SA-04:09.kadmind.asc
heimdal kadmind remote heap buffer overflow
 2004-05-05 FreeBSD-SA-04:08.heimdal.asc
heimdal cross-realm trust vulnerability
 2004-04-15 FreeBSD-SA-04:07.cvs.asc
CVS path validation errors
 2004-03-29 FreeBSD-SA-04:06.ipv6.asc
setsockopt(2) IPv6 sockets input validation error
 2004-03-17 FreeBSD-SA-04:05.openssl.asc
Denial-of-service vulnerability in OpenSSL
 2004-03-02 FreeBSD-SA-04:04.tcp.asc
many out-of-sequence TCP packets denial-of-service
 2004-02-25 FreeBSD-SA-04:03.jail.asc
Jailed processes can attach to other jails
 2004-02-05 FreeBSD-SA-04:02.shmat.asc
shmat reference counting bug
 2004-01-30 FreeBSD-SA-04:01.mksnap_ffs.asc
mksnap_ffs clears file system options
 2003-11-28 FreeBSD-SA-03:19.bind.asc
bind8 negative cache poison attack
 2003-10-03 FreeBSD-SA-03:18.openssl.asc
OpenSSL vulnerabilities in ASN.1 parsing
 2003-10-03 FreeBSD-SA-03:17.procfs.asc
kernel memory disclosure via procfs
 2003-10-02 FreeBSD-SA-03:16.filedesc.asc
file descriptor leak in readv
 2003-10-05 FreeBSD-SA-03:15.openssh.asc
OpenSSH PAM challenge/authentication error
 2003-09-25 FreeBSD-SA-03:14.arp.asc
denial of service due to ARP resource starvation
 2003-09-17 FreeBSD-SA-03:13.sendmail.asc
a third sendmail header parsing buffer overflow
 2003-09-16 FreeBSD-SA-03:12.openssh.asc
OpenSSH buffer management error
 2003-08-26 FreeBSD-SA-03:11.sendmail.asc
sendmail DNS map problem
 2003-08-10 FreeBSD-SA-03:10.ibcs2.asc
Kernel memory disclosure via ibcs2
 2003-08-10 FreeBSD-SA-03:09.signal.asc
Insufficient range checking of signal numbers
 2003-08-03 FreeBSD-SA-03:08.realpath.asc
Single byte buffer overflow in realpath(3)
 2003-03-30 FreeBSD-SA-03:07.sendmail.asc
a second sendmail header parsing buffer overflow
 2003-03-21 FreeBSD-SA-03:06.openssl.asc
OpenSSL timing-based SSL/TLS attack
 2003-03-20 FreeBSD-SA-03:05.xdr.asc
remote denial-of-service in XDR encoder/decoder
 2003-03-03 FreeBSD-SA-03:04.sendmail.asc
sendmail header parsing buffer overflow
 2003-02-24 FreeBSD-SA-03:03.syncookies.asc
Brute force attack on SYN cookies
 2003-02-04 FreeBSD-SA-03:01.cvs.asc
remotely exploitable vulnerability in cvs server
 2003-01-07 FreeBSD-SA-02:44.filedesc.asc
file descriptor leak in fpathconf
 2002-11-15 FreeBSD-SA-02:43.bind.asc
multiple vulnerabilities in BIND [REVISED]
 2002-11-12 FreeBSD-SA-02:42.resolv.asc
buffer overrun in resolver
 2002-11-15 FreeBSD-SA-02:41.smrsh.asc
smrsh restrictions can be bypassed [REVISED]
 2002-11-12 FreeBSD-SA-02:40.kadmind.asc
Buffer overflow in kadmind daemon
 2002-09-16 FreeBSD-SA-02:39.libkvm.asc
Applications using libkvm may leak sensitive descriptors
 2002-08-05 FreeBSD-SA-02:37.kqueue.asc
local users can panic the system using the kqueue mechanism
 2002-08-05 FreeBSD-SA-02:36.nfs.asc
Bug in NFS server code allows remote denial of service
 2002-08-05 FreeBSD-SA-02:35.ffs.asc
local users may read and write arbitrary blocks on
 2002-08-01 FreeBSD-SA-02:34.rpc.asc
Sun RPC XDR decoder contains buffer overflow
 2002-07-31 FreeBSD-SA-02:32.pppd.asc
exploitable race condition in pppd
 2002-07-15 FreeBSD-SA-02:31.openssh.asc
openssh contains remote vulnerability
 2002-07-12 FreeBSD-SA-02:30.ktrace.asc
Users may trace previously privileged processes
 2002-07-12 FreeBSD-SA-02:29.tcpdump.asc
Buffer overflow in tcpdump when handling NFS packets
 2002-06-26 FreeBSD-SA-02:28.resolv.asc
buffer overflow in resolver
 2002-05-29 FreeBSD-SA-02:27.rc.asc
rc uses file globbing dangerously
 2002-05-29 FreeBSD-SA-02:26.accept.asc
Remote denial-of-service when using accept filters
 2002-05-20 FreeBSD-SA-02:25.bzip2.asc
bzip2 contains multiple security vulnerabilities
 2002-05-20 FreeBSD-SA-02:24.k5su.asc
k5su utility does not honor `wheel' group
 2002-04-22 FreeBSD-SA-02:23.stdio.asc
insecure handling of stdio file descriptors
 2002-04-18 FreeBSD-SA-02:22.mmap.asc
mmap/msync denial of service
 2002-04-17 FreeBSD-SA-02:21.tcpip.asc
routing table memory leak
 2002-04-16 FreeBSD-SA-02:20.syncache.asc
syncache/syncookies denial of service
 2002-03-26 FreeBSD-SA-02:19.squid.asc
squid heap buffer overflow in DNS handling
 2002-03-18 FreeBSD-SA-02:18.zlib.asc
zlib double-free
 2002-03-12 FreeBSD-SA-02:16.netscape.asc
GIF/JPEG comment vulnerability in Netscape
 2002-03-12 FreeBSD-SA-02:15.cyrus-sasl.asc
cyrus-sasl library contains format string vulnerability
 2002-03-12 FreeBSD-SA-02:14.pam-pgsql.asc
pam-pgsql port authentication bypass
 2002-03-07 FreeBSD-SA-02:13.openssh.asc
OpenSSH contains exploitable off-by-one bug
 2002-02-21 FreeBSD-SA-02:12.squid.asc
multiple security vulnerabilities in squid port
 2002-02-12 FreeBSD-SA-02:11.snmp.asc
ucd-snmp/net-snmp remotely exploitable vulnerabilities
 2002-02-06 FreeBSD-SA-02:10.rsync.asc
rsync port contains remotely exploitable vulnerability
 2002-02-06 FreeBSD-SA-02:09.fstatfs.asc
fstatfs race condition may allow local denial of
 2002-01-24 FreeBSD-SA-02:08.exec.asc
race condition during exec may allow local root compromise
 2002-01-18 FreeBSD-SA-02:07.k5su.asc
Kerberos 5 su command uses getlogin for authorization
 2002-01-16 FreeBSD-SA-02:06.sudo.asc
sudo port may enable local privilege escalation
 2002-01-04 FreeBSD-SA-02:05.pine.asc
pine port insecure URL handling [REVISED]
 2002-01-04 FreeBSD-SA-02:04.mutt.asc
mutt ports contain remotely exploitable buffer overflow
 2002-01-04 FreeBSD-SA-02:02.pw.asc
pw(8) race condition may allow disclosure of master.passwd
 2002-01-04 FreeBSD-SA-02:01.pkg_add.asc
Directory permission vulnerability in pkg_add [REVISED]
 2001-12-17 FreeBSD-SA-01:68.xsane.asc
xsane port uses insecure temporary file handling
 2001-12-17 FreeBSD-SA-01:67.htdig.asc
htdig configuration file vulnerability
 2001-12-11 FreeBSD-SA-01:66.thttpd.asc
thttpd port contains remotely vulnerability
 2001-12-11 FreeBSD-SA-01:65.libgtop.asc
Buffer overflow in libgtop_server
 2001-12-04 FreeBSD-SA-01:64.wu-ftpd.asc
wu-ftpd port contains remote root compromise
 2001-12-02 FreeBSD-SA-01:63.openssh.asc
OpenSSH UseLogin directive permits privilege escalation
 2001-10-08 FreeBSD-SA-01:62.uucp.asc
UUCP allows local root exploit
 2001-10-08 FreeBSD-SA-01:61.squid.asc
Squid in accelerator-only mode ignores ACLs
 2001-09-24 FreeBSD-SA-01:60.procmail.asc
Multiple vulnerabilities in procmail signal handling
 2001-09-04 FreeBSD-SA-01:59.rmuser.asc
rmuser contains a race condition exposing /etc/master.passwd
 2001-08-30 FreeBSD-SA-01:58.lpd.asc
lpd contains remote root vulnerability
 2001-08-27 FreeBSD-SA-01:57.sendmail.asc
sendmail contains local root vulnerability [REVISED]
 2001-08-21 FreeBSD-SA-01:55.procfs.asc
procfs vulnerability leaks set[ug]id process memory
 2001-08-17 FreeBSD-SA-01:53.ipfw.asc
ipfw `me' on P2P interfaces matches remote address
 2001-08-06 FreeBSD-SA-01:52.fragment.asc
Denial of service using fragmented IPv4 packets
 2001-07-30 FreeBSD-SA-01:51.openssl.asc
OpenSSL 0.9.6a and earlier contain flaw in PRNG [REVISED]
 2001-07-27 FreeBSD-SA-01:50.windowmaker.asc
windowmaker contains possibly exploitable buffer overflow
 2001-07-23 FreeBSD-SA-01:49.telnetd.asc
telnetd contains remote buffer overflow
 2001-07-17 FreeBSD-SA-01:48.tcpdump.asc
tcpdump contains remote buffer overflow
 2001-07-10 FreeBSD-SA-01:47.xinetd.asc
xinetd contains multiple vulnerabilities
 2001-07-10 FreeBSD-SA-01:46.w3m.asc
w3m contains remotely exploitable buffer overflow
 2001-07-10 FreeBSD-SA-01:45.samba.asc
 2001-07-10 FreeBSD-SA-01:44.gnupg.asc
gnupg contains format string vulnerability
 2001-07-10 FreeBSD-SA-01:43.fetchmail.asc
fetchmail contains potentially exploitable buffer
 2001-07-10 FreeBSD-SA-01:42.signal.asc
signal handling during exec may allow local root
 2001-07-09 FreeBSD-SA-01:41.hanterm.asc
hanterm ports allow local root compromise
 2001-06-04 FreeBSD-SA-01:40.fts.asc
fts(3) routines contain race condition [REVISED]
 2001-05-02 FreeBSD-SA-01:39.tcp-isn.asc
TCP initial sequence number generation contains
 2001-04-23 FreeBSD-SA-01:38.sudo.asc
sudo contains local buffer overflow
 2001-04-23 FreeBSD-SA-01:37.slrn.asc
slrn contains remotely-exploitable buffer overflow
 2001-04-23 FreeBSD-SA-01:36.samba.asc
samba ports contain locally exploitable /tmp races
 2001-04-23 FreeBSD-SA-01:35.licq.asc
licq contains multiple remote vulnerabilities
 2001-04-23 FreeBSD-SA-01:34.hylafax.asc
hylafax contains local compromise
 2001-04-17 FreeBSD-SA-01:33.ftpd-glob.asc
globbing vulnerability in ftpd [REVISED]
 2001-04-16 FreeBSD-SA-01:32.ipfilter.asc
IPFilter may incorrectly pass packets [REVISED]
 2001-04-06 FreeBSD-SA-01:31.ntpd.asc
ntpd contains potential remote compromise
 2001-03-22 FreeBSD-SA-01:30.ufs-ext2fs.asc
UFS/EXT2FS allows disclosure of deleted data
 2001-03-12 FreeBSD-SA-01:29.rwhod.asc
rwhod allows remote denial of service
 2001-03-12 FreeBSD-SA-01:28.timed.asc
timed allows remote denial of service
 2001-03-12 FreeBSD-SA-01:27.cfengine.asc
cfengine port contains remote root vulnerability
 2001-03-12 FreeBSD-SA-01:26.interbase.asc
interbase contains remote backdoor
 2001-02-14 FreeBSD-SA-01:25.kerberosIV.asc
Local and remote vulnerabilities in Kerberos IV
 2001-02-12 FreeBSD-SA-01:24.ssh.asc
SSH1 implementations may allow remote system, data compromise
 2001-03-12 FreeBSD-SA-01:23.icecast.asc
icecast port contains remote vulnerability
 2001-02-07 FreeBSD-SA-01:22.dc20ctrl.asc
dc20ctrl port contains a locally exploitable buffer overflow
 2001-02-07 FreeBSD-SA-01:21.ja-elvis.asc
ja-elvis and ko-helvis ports contain a local
 2001-02-07 FreeBSD-SA-01:20.mars_nwe.asc
mars_nwe contains potential remote root compromise
 2001-02-07 FreeBSD-SA-01:19.ja-klock.asc
ja-xklock port contains a local root compromise
 2001-01-31 FreeBSD-SA-01:18.bind.asc
BIND remotely exploitable buffer overflow
 2001-01-29 FreeBSD-SA-01:17.exmh.asc
exmh symlink vulnerability
 2001-01-29 FreeBSD-SA-01:16.mysql.asc
mysql may allow remote users to gain increased
 2001-01-23 FreeBSD-SA-01:09.crontab.asc
crontab allows users to read certain files [REVISED]
 2001-01-23 FreeBSD-SA-01:08.ipfw.asc
ipfw/ip6fw allows bypassing of 'established' keyword
 2000-08-14 FreeBSD-SA-00:34.dhclient.asc
dhclient vulnerable to malicious dhcp server
 2000-07-12 FreeBSD-SA-00:33.kerberosIV.asc
kerberosIV distribution contains multiple vulnerabilities
 2000-07-05 FreeBSD-SA-00:24.libedit.asc
libedit reads config file from current directory
 2000-06-19 FreeBSD-SA-00:23.ip-options.asc
Remote denial-of-service in IP stack [REVISED]
 2000-05-26 FreeBSD-SA-00:20.krb5.asc
krb5 port contains remote and local root exploits.
 2000-05-23 FreeBSD-SA-00:19.semconfig.asc
local users can prevent all processes from exiting
 2001-01-29 FreeBSD-SA-01:15.tinyproxy.asc
tinyproxy contains remote vulnerabilities
 2001-01-29 FreeBSD-SA-01:14.micq.asc
micq remote buffer overflow vulnerability
 2001-01-29 FreeBSD-SA-01:13.sort.asc
sort uses insecure temporary files
 2001-01-29 FreeBSD-SA-01:12.periodic.asc
periodic uses insecure temporary files [REVISED]
 2001-01-29 FreeBSD-SA-01:11.inetd.asc
inetd ident server allows remote users to partially
 2001-01-23 FreeBSD-SA-01:10.bind.asc
bind remote denial of service
 2001-01-23 FreeBSD-SA-01:07.xfree86.asc
Multiple XFree86 3.3.6 vulnerabilities
 2001-01-15 FreeBSD-SA-01:06.zope.asc
zope vulnerability allows escalation of privileges
 2001-01-15 FreeBSD-SA-01:05.stunnel.asc
stunnel contains potential remote compromise
 2001-01-15 FreeBSD-SA-01:04.joe.asc
joe creates insecure recovery files
 2001-01-15 FreeBSD-SA-01:03.bash1.asc
bash1 creates insecure temporary files
 2001-01-15 FreeBSD-SA-01:02.syslog-ng.asc
syslog-ng remote denial-of-service
 2001-01-15 FreeBSD-SA-01:01.openssh.asc
Hostile server OpenSSH agent/X11 forwarding
 2000-12-20 FreeBSD-SA-00:81.ethereal.asc
ethereal allows remote code execution
 2000-12-20 FreeBSD-SA-00:79.oops.asc
oops allows remote code execution
 2000-12-20 FreeBSD-SA-00:78.bitchx.asc
bitchx/ko-bitchx allows remote code execution [REVISED]
 2000-12-18 FreeBSD-SA-00:77.procfs.asc
Several vulnerabilities in procfs [REVISED]
 2000-11-20 FreeBSD-SA-00:76.tcsh-csh.asc
tcsh/csh creates insecure temporary file
 2000-11-20 FreeBSD-SA-00:75.php.asc
mod_php3/mod_php4 allows remote code execution
 2000-11-20 FreeBSD-SA-00:74.gaim.asc
gaim remote vulnerability
 2000-11-20 FreeBSD-SA-00:73.thttpd.asc
thttpd allows remote reading of local files
 2000-11-20 FreeBSD-SA-00:72.curl.asc
curl client-side vulnerability
 2000-11-20 FreeBSD-SA-00:71.mgetty.asc
mgetty can create or overwrite files
 2000-11-14 FreeBSD-SA-00:70.ppp-nat.asc
ppp "deny_incoming" does not correctly deny incoming packets
 2000-11-14 FreeBSD-SA-00:69.telnetd.asc
telnetd allows remote system resource consumption [REVISED]
 2000-11-13 FreeBSD-SA-00:68.ncurses.asc
ncurses allows local privilege escalation [REVISED]
 2000-11-10 FreeBSD-SA-00:67.gnupg.asc
gnupg fails to correctly verify signatures
 2000-11-06 FreeBSD-SA-00:66.netscape.asc
Client vulnerability in Netscape
 2000-11-06 FreeBSD-SA-00:65.xfce.asc
xfce allows local X session compromise
 2000-11-06 FreeBSD-SA-00:64.global.asc
global port allows remote compromise through CGI script
 2000-11-01 FreeBSD-SA-00:63.getnameinfo.asc
getnameinfo function allows remote denial of service
 2000-11-01 FreeBSD-SA-00:62.top.asc
top allows reading of kernel memory [REISSUED]
 2000-10-31 FreeBSD-SA-00:61.tcpdump.asc
tcpdump contains remote vulnerabilities [REISSUED]
 2000-10-30 FreeBSD-SA-00:60.boa.asc
boa web server allows arbitrary file access/execution
 2000-10-30 FreeBSD-SA-00:59.pine.asc
pine4 port contains remote vulnerability
 2000-10-30 FreeBSD-SA-00:58.chpass.asc
chpass family contains local root vulnerability
 2000-10-13 FreeBSD-SA-00:57.muh.asc
muh IRC bouncer remote vulnerability
 2000-10-13 FreeBSD-SA-00:56.lprng.asc
LPRng contains potential root compromise
 2000-10-13 FreeBSD-SA-00:55.xpdf.asc
xpdf contains multiple vulnerabilities
 2000-10-13 FreeBSD-SA-00:54.fingerd.asc
fingerd allows remote reading of filesystem
 2000-09-27 FreeBSD-SA-00:53.catopen.asc
catopen() may pose security risk for third party code
 2000-10-06 FreeBSD-SA-00:52.tcp-iss.asc
TCP uses weak initial sequence numbers
 2000-09-13 FreeBSD-SA-00:51.mailman.asc
mailman port allows local root compromise
 2000-09-13 FreeBSD-SA-00:50.listmanager.asc
listmanager port allows local root compromise
 2000-09-13 FreeBSD-SA-00:49.eject.asc
eject port allows local root exploit
 2000-09-13 FreeBSD-SA-00:48.xchat.asc
xchat port inappropriately handles URLs
 2000-09-13 FreeBSD-SA-00:47.pine.asc
pine4 port allows denial of service
 2000-09-13 FreeBSD-SA-00:46.screen.asc
screen port contains local root compromise
 2000-08-31 FreeBSD-SA-00:45.esound.asc
esound port allows file permissions to be modified
 2000-08-28 FreeBSD-SA-00:44.xlock.asc
xlockmore port allows reading of password file
 2000-08-28 FreeBSD-SA-00:43.brouted.asc
brouted port allows gid kmem compromise
 2000-08-28 FreeBSD-SA-00:42.linux.asc
Linux binary compatability mode can cause system compromise
 2000-08-28 FreeBSD-SA-00:41.elf.asc
Malformed ELF images can cause a system hang
 2000-08-28 FreeBSD-SA-00:40.mopd.asc
mopd port allows remote root compromise
 2000-08-28 FreeBSD-SA-00:39.netscape.asc
Two vulnerabilities in Netscape
 2000-08-14 FreeBSD-SA-00:38.zope.asc
zope port allows remote modification of DTML documents
 2000-08-14 FreeBSD-SA-00:37.cvsweb.asc
cvsweb allows increased access to CVS committers
 2000-08-14 FreeBSD-SA-00:36.ntop.asc
ntop port allows remote and minor local compromise
 2000-08-14 FreeBSD-SA-00:35.proftpd.asc
proftpd port contains remote root compromise
 2000-07-05 FreeBSD-SA-00:32.bitchx.asc
bitchx port contains client-side vulnerability
 2000-07-05 FreeBSD-SA-00:31.canna.asc
Canna port contains remote vulnerability [REVISED]
 2000-07-05 FreeBSD-SA-00:30.openssh.asc
OpenSSH UseLogin directive permits remote root access
 2000-07-05 FreeBSD-SA-00:29.wu-ftpd.asc
wu-ftpd port contains remote root compromise [REVISED]
 2000-07-05 FreeBSD-SA-00:28.majordomo.asc
majordomo is not safe to run on multi-user machines
 2000-07-05 FreeBSD-SA-00:27.XFree86-4.asc
XFree86-4.0 port contains local root overflow
 2000-07-05 FreeBSD-SA-00:26.popper.asc
popper port contains remote vulnerability [REVISED]
 2000-06-07 FreeBSD-SA-00:22.apsfilter.asc
apsfilter allows users to execute arbitrary commands as
 2000-06-07 FreeBSD-SA-00:21.ssh.asc
ssh port listens on extra network port [REVISED]
 2000-05-09 FreeBSD-SA-00:17.libmytinfo.asc
Buffer overflow in libmytinfo may yield increased
 2000-05-09 FreeBSD-SA-00:16.golddig.asc
golddig port allows users to overwrite local files
 2000-04-24 FreeBSD-SA-00:15.imap-uw.asc
imap-uw allows local users to deny service to any mailbox
 2000-04-24 FreeBSD-SA-00:14.imap-uw.asc
imap-uw contains security vulnerabilities for "closed"
 2000-04-19 FreeBSD-SA-00:13.generic-nqs.asc
generic-nqs contains a local root compromise
 2000-04-10 FreeBSD-SA-00:12.healthd.asc
healthd allows a local root compromise
 2000-04-10 FreeBSD-SA-00:11.ircii.asc
ircII port contains a remote overflow
 2000-03-15 FreeBSD-SA-00:09.mtr.asc
mtr port contains a local root exploit.
 2000-03-15 FreeBSD-SA-00:08.lynx.asc
Lynx ports contain numerous buffer overflows
 2000-03-15 FreeBSD-SA-00:07.mh.asc
mh/nmh/exmh/exmh2 ports allow remote execution of binary code
 2000-03-01 FreeBSD-SA-00:06.htdig.asc
htdig port allows remote reading of files
 2000-02-28 FreeBSD-SA-00:05.mysql.asc
MySQL allows bypassing of password authentication
 2000-02-19 FreeBSD-SA-00:04.delegate.asc
Delegate port contains numerous buffer overflows
 2000-02-19 FreeBSD-SA-00:03.asmon.asc
Asmon/Ascpu ports fail to drop privileges
 2000-01-24 FreeBSD-SA-00:02.procfs.asc
Old procfs hole incompletely filled
 2000-01-19 FreeBSD-SA-00:01.make.asc
Insecure temporary file handling in make(1)
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